Day 5

Woke up today feeling incredible. Brody and I had lots of laughs and giggles while we ate our breakfast which was eggs scrambled with mushrooms and orange pepper as well as a sausage patty. I only ate half though. Felt a bit nauseated.


By lunch time I was starting to feel pretty crabby and was craving junk food. I wanted a freeking cheeseburger on a bun with battered onion rings and a Pepsi. Argh but I settled for a lunch of ground elk and tomato over spinach, leftover mashed cauliflower and raw peppers and peas. I ended up only eating half. Ate just till satisfied.


I decided to plug in Les Mills Combat 45 to punch out the crankies and thankfully it seems to have worked.


I was really craving something sweet so I ate a small bowl of mixed berries for a snack.


At around 4:00 the headache started to kick in. 😦 I’ve been keeping well hydrated and everything so I assume this is just part of the detox process. I chugged another glass of water for good measure and made the most delicious dinner ever. It’s the chocolate chili from the WellFed cookbook. I served it over zoodles and side fuses were roasted carrots from the garden and salad. Even the kids absolutely loved it!


The headache has got progressively worse and my body really keeps craving something sweet and carby so for a snack I made some sweet potato fries and a couple scrambled eggs. The kids, who had just ate popcorn 20 minutes prior, begged for some of my sweet potato so I only ate about 1/3 of the amount there. Little stinkers. Lol


I think tonight is going to be another early night. I want junk food. I want a Pepsi. And I am not going to give in. Hopefully this headache is gone in the morning. Have a wonderful night everyone.


2 thoughts on “Day 5

  1. You are doing great Angela! Going cold turkey on the Sugar and processed food is very challenging. I gave up diet Pepsi long ago – but I did it more slowly. In the summer I would drink it like water! I checked out the Whole30 website, and although I try to eat very similar to their plan (except during my move) I can see many areas for improvement. You have inspired me!

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